So here’s the Wildlife pond!

Very much work in progress – but the daffodils popped up where I’d planted them last year. I’ve put in a few additions such as the primula and wild primroses around the edge. There are some more pond plants too to be potted in (had a real disaster with that last time round, the ‘coir compost’ just went everywhere in the water!) So am steeling myself for completing that process more effectively. For marginals I have Cuckoo Flower (I think) and that wonderful Scirpus Cernus or Fibre Optic Plant (just had to look that up!). And then I’ve got some Oxygenators in there too – it’s great how much you can learn off the telly. (I’m finding Together TV showing Garden Rescue reruns is great at the mo!). I’ve learnt such a lot and benefit from watching those confident gardeners chucking in the bunches of green weighted oxygenators!

I think I’ve got Hornwort and Egeria Densa – So I’ll have to watch that one…

But the really exciting thing is, and I know I shouldn’t have, is that I have some frogspawn which my neighbour gave me over the fence! So it hasn’t come from too far away – and hopefully won’t be too put out. I think my neighbours saw my efforts to get this pond in in time for the local wildlife and frogs especially to use it and felt pity for me and were willing to share! It has gone a bit green and alganeous looking, so am not quite sure what’s happened there.

But it is very exciting, to think we may have more tadpoles – anxious making though it is watching over them and hoping some make it to be mini frogs – which are so, so cute.

I might have to order some more plants, some Frogbit and some other things they like to eat…

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