Decry you die, Give you live

Some musings on Consolation and Desolation in the world of Conservation First up, have to say it has rained very merrily since my last (very recent) post. And also have to say that so fixed was I on the MayDay MayDay theme that I missed the fact the 1st of the month has also fallenContinue reading “Decry you die, Give you live”

#MayDay #MayDay

Drought fast approaching This lack of rain is new to May, I decided, last year. Cold grey skies with lots of moisture in them, just passing by. It could be the moisture from the Rainforests isn’t what it was, that there just isn’t the water vapour (the billions of tons of it) there was, nowContinue reading “#MayDay #MayDay”

St Francis of Assisi I am not

But I would love to be more like him. Giotto’s images of this early saint welcoming birds and conflicting animals (sheep and wolves?) are inspiring, not to say tantalising! To have birds feeding from your hands would be amazing – but then I guess back in medieval times birds might have thought so too, asContinue reading “St Francis of Assisi I am not”

No Newts -but Frogspawn a-plenty

I’d been so looking forward to seeing the newts again this February – their orange spotted bellies flashing through and lighting up the dark waters of my square pond again…for their mating season. But it wasn’t to be. Either they haven’t visited or I’ve completely missed them. Either way, quite sad about it. And aContinue reading “No Newts -but Frogspawn a-plenty”

New Year, New Moon

New Beginnings!! Not quite sure what this means exactly – for me, or for the world, but there’s a palpable sense of excitement I’m feeling, for some of the possibilities… Also if I’m honest, for the chance to possibly see those flashing and orange dotted undersides of Smooth Newts again, come February – I can’tContinue reading “New Year, New Moon”

Sheltering Butterflies, Caterpillars and Chrysallises

open door policy Following up on a great suggestion from @save_butterflies I’ve been leaving my shed door open. Sure enough the other day a butterfly was sheltering up against the wooden wall at ground level. It’s no longer there. I didn’t get a photo. But that policy is working. It’s part of a wider planContinue reading “Sheltering Butterflies, Caterpillars and Chrysallises”

The Butterfly Garden is working

It’s not quite the green open space that I’d dreamed of but my little town garden has seen many more butterfly visitors this year… May was too cold, June was quiet but July! In July when the Buddleias finally came into flower, they were covered daily with 4 or 5 Peacocks and Red Admirals. WereContinue reading “The Butterfly Garden is working”

“We do what we can”

Since mentioning in my last blog this government’s allowing lowering of food standards (since break with EU) meaning such awful stuff as chlorinated (and diseased) chicken about to be made available for sale from non European countries (such as USA) I’d like to redress the balance a bit… Despite our Govt’s deliberate failure to protectContinue reading ““We do what we can””