The wildlife pond has a leak

The original wildlife pond in my garden was just an upturned black plastic bin lid – and didn’t leak. There again, neither did it have any detectable wildlife in it…Hence Wildlife Pond V2 – which came into existence yesterday. It too has black plastic (doesn’t seem any getting around that) liner, but also has very ostensibly less water in it than yesterday. So, I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

It’s not like in this arctic weather (literally Easterly winds from Russia) something would have drunk that much water. It was warm yesterday though, oh yes! Very muddy, so not totally perfect pond digging conditions, but warm and sunny it was in spades. I seized the opportunity to get the pond started – just in case it might come in handy for any frogs come Spring! Oxygenator plants for it are winging their way here (via ebay).

It’s not much to look at at the moment, so no photos just yet. But the plan is to fringe it with water loving plants – pink Loosestrife, Ragged Robin (grown from seed) and a few more I’ve forgotten – oh yes the Crocosmia that likes damp in summer! Going for overall pinky reds. I might include the Perky Diarama couldn’t resist ordering from Broadleigh Gardens – as bulbs not plants, strictly speaking (sticking to my New Year’s resolution there, not to buy any actual plants, only seeds etc). I read Diaramas don’t like being actually in or near the water so will plant them up the bank a little way.

There’s no guarantee this pond, like the dustbin lid before it, will gather any more wildlife to it – but there’s always hope! Would love to encourage a few dragonflies, damsels, that kind of thing! To that end, one end is really shallow and will be mostly water covered pebbles in order that insects can safely drink from it. As seen on Twitter last year, when somebody had posted a delightful picture of glass pebbles in a water filled receptacle done so that insects could sit on top of them and get access to the water without falling in.

This pond V2 is visible from the kitchen window too, so do hope to catch few glimpses. Not that a wildlife pond isn’t also there for the creatures you rarely see, as well – those out and about at night (as most mammals are, I’m learning). For them too, especially the hedgehogs, the shallow ledge around the edge and the plank ladder out of there. Must say am really pleased to have had Katie Bradbury’s pond digging plan to hand as it really helped!

The final touch will have to be another of those miraculous mini sun powered water fountains! Can’t wait – but will have to, as I’m out of budget for now! Will be a nive addition to keep it full of bubbles and make a nice tinkling. Which hopefully we’ll be able to hear from the new circular meadow/prairie garden, right next door! As in literally, a few feet away…(once it all appears!)

Post Script: I did find a frozen pond photo, and leak turned out to be where I’d cut the liner a bit low…so had to empty most the rainwater out again, tug the liner more over one side and that did the trick! After refilling with rainwater again, that is…

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