Rewilding (myself)

Yesterday was Global #Rewilding Day and I’m so glad (relieved and joyful) personally that this has caught on, that somebody / some people even thought of it in the first place: WAY TO GO!

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring and the Spring Equinox – but today 21st March will always be first day of Spring for me (as it’s my birthday)

I have been ruminating on what it means for me, rewilding, especially having read @simonbarneswild brilliant book Rewild Yourself. This gives me hope that my little and very personal approach might make a difference, even if I can only affect my own surroundings….Lucky enough to be able to “own” a patch of earth, I’m determined to find out who or what I’m sharing it with.

This means for me following the birdsong when I go for a walk or at home, listening…Intuiting….Responding to as if a call.

This week am unbelievably lucky (as in if you’d told me last week I would not have believed you) on responing to one such call, to go look to in my murky first pond. So murky after that Siberian snap with 2″ thick ice that I didn’t think anything had survived….imagine my surprise – could hardly believe my eyes as first I spotted a moving curl which turned out to be a tail belonging to the body of one those incredible mini spotted dragons! A Newt! In my murky pond! And the next day, FOUR Newts…..

Not in the new Wildlife pond I’ve been writing about – but who’s counting/ name calling /specifying who should live where?? No newts on show here, intermittent sightings only (though did see one nose this morning 🙂 Am hoping the new Hornwort is helping clear the water and there are a few more snails.

Radio 3 is going for it Nature wise this morning, I’m so glad! @RSPB Snettisham oh wow. Thing is the closer we can all come and feel like we are close to nature, the more wonderful it becomes and perhaps the more we can do to pull back, and allow Nature and wildlife the space, freedom (from poison and plastic) it needs and deserves, having given us life and a space to live in the first place…on this precious Earth.

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