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Love gardening, especially for wildlife as with insects etc in mind, it’s all so much more exciting! More interactive if you like..

Annie @cj_annie

I’ve been gardening off and on seriously for the last 10 years, starting in rented gardens where it’s hard to do too much. Learning by trial and error – mainly getting to know the soil around here and the kinds of predators the plants have, which plants will survive!

Now have my own little garden which I want to do many things: sub tropical jungle (Cornwall), cottage garden style, myriads of pots (again Cornwall style), wild flower meadows….trouble is, it’s quite small really and based in the midlands, so not that warm!

I also want it to be a habitat, or as many habitats as possible rather, for as many different critters as it can – beetles bugs butterflies – love moths, too

Following the advice of:


Save the Butterflies #ActionForInsects

Rewilding Britain


Wildlife Trusts


Join The Regeneration

Past Experiences

Have had various roles professionally, helping to run a popular think tank, a charity shop and lately tours…

Have been on Friends of the Earth bike rides, joined Greenpeace, Avaaz and am generally quite concerned for the planet and its wellbeing, for nature and farming…the list goes on! The work begins…

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