We could all do more (Royals included!)

By harming the Rainforests “they are ultimately harming themselves” Amazonian Chief speaking of the Brazilian Govt sponsored gold-miners & farmers who are making “quick bucks” that will be the end of us all. This is one woman Chief who could not be doing more, along with her son. By practising what Simon Reeves on BBCTwoContinue reading “We could all do more (Royals included!)”

St Francis of Assisi I am not

But I would love to be more like him. Giotto’s images of this early saint welcoming birds and conflicting animals (sheep and wolves?) are inspiring, not to say tantalising! To have birds feeding from your hands would be amazing – but then I guess back in medieval times birds might have thought so too, asContinue reading “St Francis of Assisi I am not”