We could all do more (Royals included!)

By harming the Rainforests “they are ultimately harming themselves” Amazonian Chief speaking of the Brazilian Govt sponsored gold-miners & farmers who are making “quick bucks” that will be the end of us all.

This is one woman Chief who could not be doing more, along with her son. By practising what Simon Reeves on BBCTwo has called “careful Leadership”, this tribe have picked from the best aspects of modern life – education and communication – in order to continue and disseminate their valuable knowledge and traditions of #forestgardening – the cultivation of plants that can provide effective natural medicine within the Rainforests. (No need for Big Pharma then – not that Pharma legalised drug money would see it like that).

All that glisters – golden Knapweed seedhead – real gold mining using mercury is costing lives and bringing destruction

There is also no need for Intensive Farming – as modern scientists are ONLY JUST discovering. By growing in forests, a balanced natural mix of trees and other species is achieved which really is the best way forward for the plants, and the planet and getting the best (most eco-friendly) results for us.

These peoples know the value of a Brazil Nut cluster found on the forest floor – saying how [instead of eating and selling them] they can break the cluster open and grow at least 12 new Brazil Nut trees with the wonder inside. I was so touched by discovering this in Lockdown. It was a revelation so profound I’ve probably mentioned here before – which made me think through how I’ve chomped unthinkingly through probably intensively farmed brazil nuts (and bemoaned a price rise if it’s been a difficult harvest). These nuts themselves have medicinal properties – and ward off depression (hence why I’ve been eating them). But to these peoples they are precious.

It was European greed and diseases the time of the Inquisitions/Conquistadors that put paid to the 25,000 strong populations of tribes living in the Amazon Forest gardens. It was Victorian mining and Empire Buildling that fuelled the land grabs and decimation of natural landscapes to plunder resources in a mechanised, industrialised way that we see today – all in the name of progress and empire. Could not the self-absorbed Victoria have seen that? Was there even a nag of doubt? Could she not have done more to protect the Highlands she was so fond of, or was she so truly enamoured of the bare hillsides and peat burning to make way for deer and grouse shooting? Not even a glimpse of the damage – or an inkling to make up to the Highlanders after the horrors of the enclosures? I don’t know.

Even our just buried Queen, in present times, did not do much to reverse the damage the privileged landowners have done, including herself, by promoting racing, deer hunting and grouse shooting. But were Huntin’ & Shooting’ just too engrained – even thought the cost to the environment, the ecosystems and the whole planet are now clearly and widely known?

Credit Guardian Newspaper – bonkers grouse shootng

I didn’t know until today (thanks to channel 4) that the reason the Highland peatlands are burnt is to encourage the Heather that the Grouse like to eat (before they are shot).

I tell you what though – we’re all shot – and done for – unless somebody and preferably a royal figurehead (hint hint King Charles) stands up to this complete and utter nonsense. For it is completely nonsensical in this day and age – facing the climate emergency that we are, that this increasingly criminal behaviour is allowed to continue.

Thankfully, am reminded today again by Channel 4 that estates like Allardale and Sir John Lister Kaye’s own Aigas Field Centre are trying to combat the decimation of the Caledonian Forests and reintroduce wild cats, respectively. And the Highland Peat Blanket Bog is no longer being drained – one of the biggest peat carbon sink arguably in the world.

Meanwhile, on my little patch, I can only do my little bit. I’ve discovered via Carol Klein that my fave Geranium Roxanne = Rozanne (sorry showing my age) – is sterile – therefore no good to bees. I should/could have grown Geranium pratense – or meadow cranesbill as it’s known – the wild one that grows and glows so beautifully all by itself in the grass verges in summer. Such a brilliant blue are its flowers it always feels a huge privilege to see it. It is a colour I could link to our late Queen who has at least left us not too droopy and swathed in black like Victoria did, after her own life half spent in mourning.

Rozanne with a blue salvia and I can’t remember Cerinthe, that’s right!

There is some brightness there – and a possible, wan ray of hope in “eco Charles” although the establishment and our current politicians and the “quick buckers” will probably put paid to too much progress there.

Meanwhile, in my own garden, another newtlet sighting! An eft – bottom right here, seen this morning and smaller than the last one I saw, so much be a new one. Such a joy!

Certainly cheered me up when feeling low and a bit poorly – and appalled by the ways of the world!

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