New Year new plans….resolutions even

So 2021 is seen in with a bit of snow here in the W Mids/South East (here at a four county border hard to tell which region we’re in – as if #wildlife would care!!)

Exciting checking out footprints – defo foxes roaming about the garden last night. As usual digging up bits of earth though must have been hard, frozen solid nearly. A wildlife cam would be good but might also take the mystery out of it….perhaps.

The pond has been frozen over for days – all day long too, so cold. Have been making breaks in the ice in case anything needs more O2.

Put out some special wool compost – dunno smells a bit sheep poo-ey too – supposed to keep the slugs off, will let you know!! Really want to keep my seedlings going, sweet rocket, ragged robin, nightime catchfly, and more to come!

Which brings me neatly to my NY resolution . Apart from needing to try and to cut down costs and spending, I also need to cut down on on use of space (as bed space is rapidly running out – until I dig some more lawn up!) So I have resolved to not buy any plants this year (it’s going to be tough). PLANTS but not seeds or bulbs! Haha, there is the loophole.

Seeds are much cheaper even if needing much more work (but half the fun is the growing and defending of seedlings – hence the sheepwool compost). Bulbs are great fun as I invariably forget and get surprised when and where they come up! Although I do have plenty of empty looking pots which are already showing signs, through the snow, of new life bursting up.

So good for getting through the winter, and especially this one. ‘To Garden is to look forward to the future’….Slight misquote there, but so true!

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