Slow work

Now the nights are drawing in, I’m finding a bit more time to put towards this project. November was so (worryingly?) warm in fact that I was gardening right up to the end of it, putting in ‘Goose-Necked Loose Strife ‘ as recommended for butterflies by Professor Dave Goulsen. (Author of “The Garden Jungle” which I have yet to settle down and read most of. Inspiring stuff though, even just sitting there on the coffee table to be looked at every time I do sit next to it!). I’m hoping the Loosestrife will be a more constantly flowering offering than my small Buddleias which managed to attract Red Admirals and Peacocks for two just two weeks this year to my joy and delight!

Also put in some tall grasses and more michaelmas daisies for next year, to build up a bit more of a prairie offering (as per a SaveTheButterflies webinar I joined August this year). Have to say, got the grasses from Beth Chatto and was delighted – free delivery this time of year and as they said, plenty of time for these plants to settle in before the hard winter sets in.

So there hasn’t been much time for WordPressing, what with Christmas afoot. However I have yet to stitch this site together, so there’s plenty to do! I suppose it’s the same as my garden, no overriding design as such (nothing a la Titchmarsh). Just a longing to add more, learn more and employ what tips I have picked up as I go along – in order to promote wildlife. And always, to put more plants in!

Next year I will be severely restricted on budget and so i’m determined to grow more of my own wildflowers from seed – And am looking forward to putting in my carefully protected Sweet Rocket and heritage Hollyhocks (a gift from from an elderly gardener). This is the way forward, I feel! Would say please comment if you agree – but haven’t yet figured out the comments page, sorry!

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